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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline                        : 21 Oktober 2016

Accepted Abstract Announcement                           : 14 Oktober 2016

Completed Manuscript Submission Deadline       : 27 Oktober 2016


  • Provide a forum for scientist to share their knowledge related to  herbal medicine and synthetic biology for ecosystem conservation and better live.
  • Exploring opportunities for international collaboration between scientists and professionals from a range of disciplines.
  • Provide a forum for scientists and professionals to contribute in herbal medicine and synthetic biology for better human live.
  • As an initiation to improving qualification of biologist on local endemic species and ecosystem conservation, and equalization of institution quality (especially Biology Study Program) in Indonesia.

Keynote and Invited Speakers

  1. Prof. Salman Yousuf Guraya FRCS (Taibah University, Saudi Arabia)
  2. Dr Sadaf Jahan (CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India)
  3. Dr Nazefah Abdul Hamid (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Malaysia)
  4. Prof Sony Suharsono (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
  5. Dr Ir. M. Sasmito Djati (Brawijaya University, Indonesia)
  6. Dr Sony Suhandono (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)
  7. Prof. Muhaimin Rifai (Brawijaya University, Indonesia)

(*in confirmation)

The conference will consist of some programs including Keynote speakers lecture, Symposium, Workshops, Panel presentation, and Poster exhibition.

Participants of International Conference

Around 300 participants will be expected to attend this conference. Scientists, Lecturer, Teacher, Policy Makers, Practitioners, NGOs, and Government (provincial and district) are invited to this conference to present their work on topics:

  • Botany                       : taxonomy, structure and development, physiology and ethnobotany.
  • Zoology                      : taxonomy, conservation, structure and development.
  • Ecology                      : conservation and bio-controlling.
  • Biotechnology          : genetic engineering, biosystem and energy conversion.
  • Biomedics                 : nutrigenomics, immunology and reproduction.
  • Biology Education   : curriculum development, education technique development