Focus and Scope

The 15th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) 2024 is a consolidation effort to provide a scientific forum for researchers from Indonesia and abroad to share their research interests and the latest research findings related to environmental issues and biodiversity conservation.
This year, the conference will take the theme “Harmony in Nature and Health: Bioprospecting in Practices and Regulatory.”. The conference will include presentations by plenary speakers, discussion in plenary sessions, presentation of original research results, and symposiums related to Biodiversity and conservation, Climate and ecology, Biotechnology and bioprospecting, Jamu and Alternative Medicine and Jamu Processing Technology.

Peer-review Process

The review process of the submitted paper will follow the following steps :

  1. The submitted papers are screened for generic quality and suitableness (focus and scope/topic) by the editors. After the initial screening, the paper is checked for plagiarism detection using Turnitin. The similarity index of the paper should be less than 10%. If any paper has an indication of plagiarism, the paper will be returned to the author to be revised before the review process.
  2. The papers are then sent to the blind peer review process by matching each paper topic with the reviewer’s expertise. The review process will take about three (or four) weeks.
  3. The editors then decide the submission status based on the reviewer’s recommendation from among several possibilities: accepted, minor revision, major revision, or rejected. The editor will notify the author by email.
  4. The author must revise or finalize their paper in accordance with the review result (if any), and the guideline after the editors send the notification. After that, the authors should send the revised paper to editors by email.

The criteria for passing the scientific committee review are quality of the article and conformity with the scope will be offered to be published in the:

Scopus Indexed Proceeding – Bio Web of Conferences (Template)

Manuscripts that do not pass the review process will be returned to the authors.

Accepted manuscripts will be charged a publication fee and it depends on the publisher policy. For article templates and more information on how to prepare your paper, please find above.

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